I believe freedom, peace and spaciousness lies beyond the human mind’s perception of the world.  I believe by breaking through the boundaries and limits of the physical body becomes the practice of unraveling  limitations of the mind and finding wholeness.  Infinite possibilities exist in each of us, it is part of our life’s work to unlock the chains; opening us up for the allowing to occur.  


Applying ancient yogic teachings and philosophies in service of clearing; freedom of life starts to move through you.  The human condition matures.  Like the spider who spends the day building her web so all that she needs comes to her. Our routines, actions and principals allows the ease and mastery of the spider to evolve past our physical practice and into our whole existence.  


Clare Crowley is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and proprietress of Yoga House on Moon Acres, a retreat space and yoga studio in Stevensville, MI.  She divides her teaching time between Michigan and Como, Italy where she studies and teaches under Christiane Piano of TheSpace, Como. With her husband Pete Crowley, are owners of Haymarket Pub & Brewery, Chicago and Haymarket Taproom, MI. Clare spent over a decade in film and television as a casting associate, production assistant and assistant director. The stress and hours became a dis-ease and she retired to pursue a life of freedom, health and well-being.  Her proudest accolade is her achievements in amateur boxing, in 2012 becoming Chicago Golden Glove Boxing Champion and continues to dream and scheme of becoming a pro-fighter.  

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